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Want to Run for the FCA Board?

The August 31 year-end for your cooperative is right around the corner and that means it’s almost time to elect members to the board of directors. Four incumbents who are up for re-election have decided to run, including:

Eben Salton, east district
Mark Johnson, west district
Mike Lange, northwest district
Chuck Groepper, southwest district

It’s always tough to find Class A members of First Cooperative Association (FCA) who are willing to run against an incumbent. In the last few years, your board and FCA management have conducted a full review of the nomination and election process and have made adjustments to better fit the times. 

FCA’s leaders saw no merit in recruiting candidates just for the sake of running an opponent. Also we are continuing to downsize the FCA board.

Remember, a Class A member can run for the open positions on the board. Nobody is entrenched on this board, and it’s not a closed club.

We welcome new candidates to run for the board, and we encourage you to take advantage of this opportunity. Contact a current FCA board member for details, or call Jim Carlson at 712-225-5400 by August 15th. 

Thanks for your support of FCA.