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Meet Agronomy Intern Chad Pratt


Chad Pratt from Remsen, Iowa will be a junior this fall at Iowa State University.  

Q:  Tell a little bit of how you became interested and your experience in agriculture. 

A:  I grew up helping my dad on our family farm that is located between Remsen and Kingsley. I got my love with agriculture through working on the farm and at ISU. After my first semester of being at ISU, I realized I liked plants a little more than animals which is why I pursued Agronomy. Since I grew up in agriculture, I have decided to stay in that field of work. 

Q:  What have been some of your experiences and responsibilities with this internship?

A:  I have had some amazing experiences working in the agronomy department at First Cooperative Association in Kingsley, Iowa this summer. I have done a number a of different jobs during my time here which included scouting fields for weeds and insects, communicating and making recommendations for farmers, and preparing chemicals for the sprayers.

Q:  How would you describe your internship experience to another student? Why would you recommend this internship to another student?

A:  It’s fast pace in the spring and everyday can impose a different challenge. It’s exciting to see how the crops grow and change every day. I recommend this internship because for the most part you stay busy doing a number of different jobs and you get to network through so many different people.  

Q:  What qualities does this internship require?

A:  Work ethic and communication are key parts to learn.  If you don’t like to work, this job/internship isn’t for you; this line of work is fast pace and keeping up with it can be stressful. Communicating is also very important not only with your farmers but also your co-workers. Since I grew up around here it was very easy for me to relate to a lot of the farmers that Kingsley FCA work with every day.

Q:  Describe how your mentors or supervisor influenced your internship experience.

A:  I grew up around the people that I work with now so that transition to me working here was very easy. All the people have influenced me in their own way to make me the intern/worker I am today. 

Q:  What is your favorite memory from your internship?

A:  I have had a lot of favorite memories from this internship this summer. The best ones however are when the other FCA interns (Alyssa, Kirk, Levi, and Ryan) all packed into the company car and head somewhere for a learning day. We all really didn’t know each other at first but we got acquainted very quickly. We all get along very well and have some funny moments like getting lost when there was road construction.

Q:  What have you learned during this internship and how will this benefit you in your future?

A:  This internship has taught me a diversity of skills. I have strengthened my communicating skills while meeting different people. Networking will always benefit you. I have taken what I have learned in the classroom and applied it to the hands-on tasks I do every day. Even though this can be a very fast paced line of work, I have learned a lot of patience dealing with different kinds of people. This internship has made me a better person moving forward in my career!